Making A List. Checking It Twice.

Posted on August 20 2015

Not every look needs to include a statement style. Reality sometimes proves that less is more. Instead of overdoing it, just do it right. But first, do you have all the staple pieces that every girl must have (in order to lead a sane style life)?

Let’s get you started with the basic checklist! Here's 7 things you need now.


1. Blazer

You need that blazer to cap off your outfit. Whether at work or play, this is an essential piece that can be paired with denim, dresses, skirts, jumpers, and more. Find the right style and repeat it as often as you'd like. A good blazer is irreplaceable! 

2. Oxfords

You need a polished flat. You just do. In recent trend history, this shoe consistently takes the cake for versatility. Spruce up a basic outfit with this next-level shoe; although classic, it's definitely a statement piece that's worth buying.

3. Distressed Denim

I've never seen a healthy wardrobe without distressed denim. Keep it basic with friendly washes -- dark or light. Dress them up or down. This item is a mainstay that's just non-negotiable. 

4. Moto Jacket

This trend is timeless in any fashionista's eyes. Whether vegan or genuine leather, this style is unmistakably hot and ready to be worn. Throw this baby on with your weekend duds or, even, with your LBD for that hot date night. Either way you slice it, you can't lose (promise!).

5. Sunnies

Need we say more? Don't kid yourself about your sunglass game; they must make a statement at all times... and if/when they don't, throw them away immediately. Round and retro is in, so tag you're it. The brand you dig most is on you -- so long as your eye-swag is 20/20, you're good to go.

6. Trench

Any investment I've made in trench outerwear has been so worth it. Not only do you prove your keen fashion sense, but your coat will swing behind you as you walk making you feel like the world is your runway (which, of course, it is). This is a non-fussy, high-level piece that looks good when worn casually or formally. Don't be the fool that doesn't have one, please.

7. Statement Bag

A good bag is typically only functional. A great bag is purely genius, having both function and style to compliment the other. While the tote and shopper are here to stay, and coined as any working girl's go-to purse, don't forget about the other cool looks. We're loving the bucket bag! And adding fringe or texture to it can only give you statement-bag-bliss. Yes, that's a thing.

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