Menswear Done Right

Posted on August 14 2015

The menswear trend is timeless and proves to be a fav in most everyone’s style go-to’s. Pairing laced oxfords with tailored pants or, for a more feminine edge, a pleated skirt can really be fun and daring when at work or play. To us, outerwear is one of the best pieces to explore different menswear looks. Whether it’s a robust trench, oversized anorak, or a boyfriend blazer, us gals know how to dominate this look better than… well, men.

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A classic, polished shoe after a woman's own heart. Replace your typical everyday flats with a statement shoe that doesn't scream for attention, but gets it anyway.


Blazer Trench

This basic wardrobe staple -- the blazer -- becomes much more elevated in a fun and unexpected hue, all with its double-breast detail confirming the menswear inspiration. Also, eliminating the sleeves we're used to adds a quirky and memorable experience to, what would have otherwise been, your everyday outfit.


Tailored Pants

Usually, tailored trousers with a tapered inseam is paralleled with professional mens attire. In this specific style case, a quintessential print + tailored trouser combo screams new era menswear, but for women. And it is to be loved. Do it right with oxfords, dress loafers, or a power pump.



Nowadays wearing a hat atop one's head does not mean she's having a bad hair day; instead, it translates to a fashion statement or stylistic expression. Say goodbye to the "bad juju" typically associated with hat days in the office, and on the weekend. It just means that you're, by far, the most impressive human in the room.

PHOTO: Gary Pepper Girl

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