Impress On A Budget

Posted on August 07 2015

Not everyone's wallet can support, nor afford, an expensive fashion taste. In fact, let's assume that most everyone wanted to shop smart and on a budget. Because, after all, what's wrong with that? More dollars to throw for travel and other entertainment, right. Well although the bank account doesn't have to be large, the wardrobe can still be robust.

Here’s a few attention-grabbing pieces that scream great taste (but without the crazy price tag and/or buyer's remorse).


Statement Blazer

Choose a blazer that genuinely gets you excited. Be it a pretty pattern or a wild color, do something out-of-the-norm with a basic staple.

Detailed Trousers

For most women, wearing trousers is typically because one missed an appointment with the leg-shaving doctor (or should I speak for myself?). But to spin a, sometimes, fashion culture of off-days with an intentional style, buy a pair of detailed trousers. In this case, the laser-cut hem detail makes this style both memorable and feminine with little effort and cost. So, we like it!

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