Don't Miss Key Styling Opportunities

Posted on August 17 2015

In fashion, it can be quite easy to miss the mark. Which is why it's good to be in tune with your own  personal style. Because fashion trends can come and go, but you'll always have your own sense of creative expression. There are so many amazing ways to fuel your own innovation, starting with a little bit of fashion rebellion. Don't be afraid to explore something you've never seen done before. You just may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Keep reading for tips on how to free your true style!


1. Collect some old styles from thrift stores.

Everything about this look is classic. And we know that classic is timeless. So, not necessarily does something "old" fall out of fashion. We say, classic is always is fashion. Here, essential denim is the central piece that brings the 70's out to play. Groovy!

2. Embellish a piece you already own.

Jazz up something that would otherwise be considered basic. Take that bag that's been thrown around on your closet floor and make it a DIY project. You'll never find a replica because there's only one... and it's all yours. 

3. Explore your grandma's closet for good vintage finds.

I don't know about you, but I always loved digging through my grandma's closet for gems. And that's what I always found, GEMS! From crazy cool hats to the most amazing bags, I couldn't get enough of wearing any and everything that she had lying around. And to this day, that's where you'll find me. Recycling styles of yesteryear for thee most amazing stylish items. Don't be afraid to dust the cobwebs from something your dearest loved one wore when they were your age. You may be pleasantly surprised at the smoking hot fashion potential!

4. Wear something you own from 2-3 seasons ago.

Dungarees are a little (or lightyears) more than 2-3 seasons ago. But for Pete's sake, we know they're old and still they just keep popping back into our lives -- or our closets. So, capitalize and make the trend your own. From a basic tee to a mock neck sweater in the fall season, this look will keep giving and giving.

5. Throw on one thing you wouldn't normally wear.

It's so easy to leave the house in an outfit we've either worn before or have seen worn before. It's an easy recipe. But how about adding a fur coat over that vintage Nirvana tee and jeans? That's a sure shot way to elevate something basic into something great. And who knows, you might find that you like and enjoy the attention.

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