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Posted on August 09 2015

Ever heard that old habits die hard? Well, this is one that I want to kill – the infamous Monday Blues. We dread it on Sunday afternoon, and spend the rest of the night with a bottle of wine (or is that just me?). How about we all put our heads together for a round-up of the best looks of the season to blow that Monday out of the water? Or off the calendar? 

Here we go! Campaign, Improve Those Blues.


Classic Pinstripe

Since we can't all pull off Melanie Griffith's look in Working Girl, we all may be better off creating new classics. Like, for example, the classic pinstripe power suit. Remove the idea of suit sleeves and shorten the authentic suit pant and you've got this golden nugget!


Striped Suit

Pencil Skirt

So, Monday is typically my first, of two, lazy-dressing weekdays (the other being Thursday, which is odd). In such a case, a pencil skirt is easy peasy and polished all without much effort. Throw, or gently place to avoid too much wrinkle, on a silk blouse or classic poplin for the business day.

Linen Skirt

Collarless Blazer

Love this floral appliqué suit. Not every office is keen on shorts, but if you're lucky enough to work in a calm, cool, laid-back environment then you're wise enough to shop this look. And, something about the collarless blazer is a silently, rebellious way to stick it to the corporate man! But really not really. 

Floral Suit

Pleated Blouse

In the work world, the quintessential tie and/or bow pulls everything together. Taking a page out of that workplace fashion book, if there really even is one, doesn't seem like a bad idea. Especially when it looks this good.

Bow-Front Blouse

Longline Blazer

Finally, the trench and blazer meet. A menswear inspired look created specifically for us women. And, we wear it best of course. Wear with a printed crewneck sweater for a more casual look. Or opt for a black, A-lined dress and power pumps to put your style in the driver's seat today.

Cape & Trousers

Love this for another fresh, new take on the classic suit. Especially in the blush color! To let this style shine, pair with a classic blouse or woven and complete with heels. No one will question your high-profile fashionista skills on, what would have been, the usual Monday.

Blush Suit

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